I like queer things, make up, philosophy, and scary movies.
Probably stoned.
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No Hate Feminist Atheist Child-Free PRIDE Pizza

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have you ever considered that female celebrities claim not to be feminists/push a watered down version of feminism because it’s fucking unsafe for them to admit to anything else? emma watson gave the most watered down, man friendly speech on feminism i’ve ever seen in my life and men threatened to leak nudes of her and attack her so

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what a pisslover says: "Bihet"
what a pisslover means: my trash discourse eats other trash discourses for breakfast and only grows Stronger And More Garbage with every meal
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when my friend told her drug dealer that she was transgender he immediately started using the correct pronouns for her and her parents dont so theres an issue there

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What are some cool sex positions

standing at the ATM handin me all ur money

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If you’re under 5’7 you’re weak and your species will die out soon

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sure everyone says theyre excited about ‘spirit week’ but the minute i awaken a few ancient spirits and raise the dead suddenly im a ‘witch’ and ‘ruining homecoming’

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"I like your outfit"


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